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New Marketing and Visitor Servicing Initiative – “QR Code Plaques”

The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (in Merritt, BC), is launching an innovative, new technology tool for attracting visitors and providing them with immediate, web-based access to information about the Hall of Fame facility, artists and events!

A “QR Code Plaque” will be placed above existing Walk of Stars ‘handprints’ (the timber-frame encased, bronze handprints of country music stars situated throughout the community known as the “Merritt Walk of Stars”).  This ensures a direct tie-in with the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (in Merritt, BC), provides visitors with immediate access to the Hall of Fame’s website, all by capturing the QR Code with a cell-phone!  

The President of the Canadian Country Music Heritage Society, Mr. Ron Sanders, reports that “the QR Code initiative is a best-practice example of using new technology to create cost-effective, marketing results. This is the same new technology being successfully used in world-class interpretive centres such as the National Museum of Scotland, the Smithsonian and others”.  

This is only the first step in using QR Code technology to profile the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in Merritt , BC and enhance the visitor experience. President Ron Sanders notes that there is great flexibility to associate audio and visual links with each of the artist profiles at the Hall of Fame, through a similar QR Code approach. Installation of the QR Code Plaques starts in early October.  

For more information, please contact:   Ron Sander, President