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"Then And Now" Album Being Recorded In Kelowna

First ever Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame album being recorded this week.

Ian Tyson, Michelle Wright, and The Good Brothers are just some of the names that will be at Arc House Studios in Kelowna to record the "Then and Now" album.

Canadian Country Music Heritage Society director Ron Sanders says the collaborative album, being produced in partnership with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, will see 10 hall of famers team up team with 10 up and coming Canadian artists.

"We're trying to get some more recognition for the hall of fame and the people that are inducted into it. So, the idea came up to pair current inductees with up and coming artists, and create an album"

Sanders says the plan is to release the "Then and Now" album at the CCMA's in September.

Recording sessions will also be video recorded and released as part of a behind-the-scenes series.